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Between The Worlds
A Spiritual Gathering For Men Who Love Men

Festival Guests

Each year, Between the Worlds invites a speaker to give a keynote address (and often to present workshops or rituals) and a musical guest to give an evening concert/performance. Our community is also blessed with a number of prominent presenters who regularly offer workshops and rituals at the festival.

Patron God • Agni
Agni Each year, the BTW Council chooses a patron for the festival. For Between the Worlds 2018, our patron is Agni. God of fire in the Vedic and Hindu traditions, Agni is fire in all its forms from the domestic hearth to the lightning in the sky, to the fire in our bellies. As the sacrificial fire, Agni bears the offerings of man to the gods, the very essence of a walker between worlds. He is the vital spark and the transformative essence that allows what we take in to become what empowers us. Agni is the messenger, the god of priests, and the priest of the gods. He shows us a path to divine connection and offers us warmth, knowledge, inspiration and transformation. He shows us what it can mean to light a fire and make an offering. In 2016 Máni showed us the light in the darkness and the will to persevere even when hatred pursues us. In 2017 we take that perseverance and through Agni seek to connect to things greater than ourselves and to find transformation and empowerment.

Keynote Speaker • Kirk Thomas
Orion Foxwood
Kirk Thomas is an Archdruid Emeritus of Ar nDraiocht Fein : A Druid Fellowship (ADF) and an ordained Senior Priest in that religion. He is also the author of, “Sacred Gifts: Reciprocity and the Gods”, available on He holds a Masters degree in Celtic Studies from the University of Wales - Trinity St. David as well as a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Theatre Arts from the University of New Mexico and a Certificate from the Webber-Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, UK. A resident of Washington State, USA, Kirk co-owns a retreat center and organic farm called Trout Lake Abbey, located at the base of Mt. Adams. He has built an impressive stone circle and Druidic sanctuary there where he plans to open an ADF seminary and intentional community. He spends much of his time traveling for ADF, visiting groves, solitaries and festivals, presenting on various topics and participating in public, group ritual.

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